New Poll: Arizonans want the U.S. Senate to keep the filibuster


Naples, Florida—A new poll by the Foundation for Government Accountability (FGA) highlights Arizona’s bipartisan support of the filibuster—a procedure in the U.S. Senate to block or delay legislation from moving forward to a vote.  

The filibuster is intended to be used as a way to encourage the Senate to act carefully and deliberatively, reaching consensus before moving legislation forward in the process. The delay can also give senators an opportunity to offer suggestions to improve the legislation. Understandably, it is more popular with the minority party in each Congress, as delays can prevent the majority party from getting their policy goals across the finish line.   

Arizonans do not mind the delays if it makes legislation better or stops new programs that increase the national debt. More than half of those polled reported being in favor of the Senate filibuster and a same percentage said that if Arizona Senator Kyrsten Sinema voted to get rid of this political tool, they’d be less likely to vote to reelect her.  

“Our founders didn’t intend for one party to open the floodgates to their own agenda because they have a simple majority,” said Nick Stehle, Vice President of Communications at FGA. “For the Senate to remain the world’s greatest deliberative body, Arizonans know that the filibuster must be maintained and the minority party must have a voice.” 


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