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Biden’s HHS Pick Xavier Becerra will Divide Americans on Health Care

Despite all the assurances that President-elect Joe Biden would govern to help all Americans, he is passing up his first opportunity to find common ground on health care with his planned appointment of Xavier Becerra to the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS). Becerra has a long history of advancing government-first health care policies and acting as an Obamacare frontman during both his tenure in Congress and as California Attorney General (AG). And with health care top of mind for nearly every American these days, the appointment could cost Biden some goodwill at the least and the U.S. Senate at most.

Health care premiums have more than doubled since 2013, and nearly 30 million Americans remain uninsured. Obamacare failed on its many promises to lower health insurance costs and protect patient choice, and, unsurprisingly, Americans are looking to lawmakers to find better solutions to lower costs and expand their access to care.

But instead of filling the top health care post with someone ready to do that hard work, Biden has put forth Becerra to fill the top health care post.

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