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The War Against Work Keeps Thousands Trapped in Dependency

This week, the same federal judge who halted Medicaid work requirements in Arkansas and Kentucky issued a ruling to do the same in New Hampshire, unleashing a frenzied attack on work and commonsense welfare reform with little regard for the facts.

A quick look at New Hampshire’s Medicaid program paints a different picture and shows just how desperately needed work requirements are to bring the program back in line with Medicaid’s original intent. When the state expanded Medicaid to able-bodied adults, over 50,000 people signed up—more than state officials expected would ever enroll. As a result, New Hampshire experienced cost overruns, which have resulted in budget overruns that the state has been forced to deal with for years, threatening resources for other critical priorities. Every dollar spent on able-bodied adults is a dollar that can’t go towards education, public safety, or the truly needy.

To make matters worse, nearly half of ObamaCare expansion enrollees—working-age adults with no physical or mental disability keeping them from working—do not work at all. We need work requirements to put these adults back on the path to work and self-sufficiency.

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