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The Economy Is Changing And So Is The American Dream

Since the rise of the internet, the world has witnessed more impressive levels of technological innovation than was ever thought possible. While this progress was quick to transform the American economy, government policy has struggled to keep pace.

Those entering the new economy are different as well. Many millennials have the desire to start their own businesses. Young voters’ respect for entrepreneurship goes far beyond near-universal reverence for the late Steve Jobs. Polls consistently find that two-thirds of millennials want to work for themselves.

While the American dream may have once been finding employment at a large company, working there for a few decades and then retiring with a defined-benefit pension, millennials’ American dream looks much different than that of their parents’ and grandparents’. Young people prioritize new opportunities to change or advance their careers. And they prefer work that is individualized and flexible, which has become the model of the future for many occupations.

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