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States Need To Step Up To Avoid Losing Millions To Unemployment Fraud

Have you ever wondered what kind of person might actually click on those spam emails from deposed Nigerian “princes” who promise to send untold future riches in exchange for a small contribution today?

Well, President Biden may well have just appointed one to help states process unemployment claims. At the very least, the president appointed someone who failed miserably to protect the private information of thousands of residents of her state and allowed hundreds of millions of small businesses’ tax dollars to fall into the hands of a Nigerian fraud ring. This is not how you “build back better.”

Suzi LeVine is transitioning to President Biden’s administration from running the Washington State Employment Security Department (ESD). As with every other state unemployment agency head in America, LeVine was responsible for making sure ineligible individuals did not receive unemployment checks. That job is always important but is especially so now during a pandemic that has strained state unemployment trust funds across America.

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