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Arkansas pushes fear aside and leads nation with wise policy to fight coronavirus

With most of us heeding the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s guidance on social distancing and so many needing help in this public health crisis, good news is at a premium these days. I’m thankful for the heroes on the front lines and the good neighbors stepping up to help those around them. All 50 states have taken different approaches to address this pandemic — some with more success than others. In my home state of Arkansas, I’m particularly thankful for the leadership of our governor, Asa Hutchinson, who was recently recognized by Dr. Anthony Fauci for his “extraordinary job” and commitment to residents of our state.

Though new cases continue to tick upward, Arkansas’s virus growth curve is less steep than most surrounding states, and the picture looks a lot less bleak than it looked just a few short weeks ago. Part of the reason is the work that the governor did well before COVID-19 was on the radar.

For the past several years, Hutchinson has been hard at work on pro-growth reforms that ensured the integrity of the state’s safety net programs.

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