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Alaska should reduce regulatory hurdles to help economy recover from COVID-19

Quick and early action in Alaska has the state doing better than much of the Lower 48 in the number of COVID-19 cases and severity of the crisis, but the threat is just as real and the impact on our daily life and local economy is something all Americans are feeling.

At a time of so much uncertainty and fear, and with so many restrictions, it is important that our leaders put forth policies that provide flexibility and options for Alaskans and their families — especially with regard to health care.

Alaska’s remoteness is both a blessing and a curse during a pandemic. While it has certainly helped with social distancing efforts, it also makes it difficult to seek necessary medical care — coronavirus-related or not. But technological advances in the medical field have made it possible to seek many types of care without exposing yourself or others—from the comfort of your own home. State leaders can make a tangible impact during this public health crisis and beyond by expanding these opportunities and removing needless restrictions on telehealth in Alaska.

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