Joel Allumbaugh

Visiting Fellow

FGA offers me the chance to make quality health care more accessible and affordable. Sound public policy drives our efforts and when implemented, FGA’s solutions have powerful impacts for families trying to make ends meet.

Joel Allumbaugh is a senior visiting fellow at the Foundation at the Foundation for Government Accountability, where he focuses on health care policies that expand affordable access to more individuals.

In addition to his work at FGA, Joel serves as the president and chief executive officer at National Worksite Benefit Group (NWBG), Inc., dba The Allumbaugh Agency.

Joel first experienced the value of work while picking apples. Joel believes in work’s ability to provide purpose, and his desire to increase access to affordable health insurance, underscores his work on several state committees and boards, including the Maine Guarantee Access Reinsurance Administration and his work at FGA. Joel has testified before insurance committees in several states, and his work has been published by the Heritage Foundation, Health Affairs, and Forbes. Joel  has also appeared on several shows in Maine and hosted Inside Maine Healthcare on Time Warner Cable from 2010 to 2012.

Joel loves spending time with his family and enjoys afternoons spent fly-fishing. He resides in Pittston, Maine with his wife and children.

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