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Ranked-Choice Voting Supporters Want to Throw Your Ballot in the Trash

The purpose of ranked-choice voting is to trash ballots and elect Democrats.

Anyone who tries to tell you otherwise likely benefits from trashing your ballot.

It’s not about finding “moderate” or “consensus” candidates or providing more options to voters. It’s about confusion and complication and turning something as simple as an election into a game that can be rigged.  

Yes, They Throw Ballots in the Trash

Under ranked-choice voting, voters rank the candidates on the ballot in order of preference. When the ballots are being tabulated, if no candidate in the first round receives a majority of the votes cast, the candidate with the fewest votes is eliminated. This process repeats until there’s a winner. (For a visual description of the process, click here.)

The issue with this is that if there are multiple rounds and your ballot didn’t rank all the candidates, and you only voted for candidates who had already been eliminated by that round of tabulation, your vote doesn’t count. Your ballot is thrown in the trash.

Rep. Jared Golden (D-ME) and Rep. Mary Peltola (D-AK) have trashed ballots to thank for their seats in Congress. In 2018, Golden received 45.58 percent of the total vote in the race for the 2nd Congressional District, coming in second to incumbent Rep. Bruce Poliquin (R-ME). Because some voters didn’t rank every candidate or didn’t include the final candidates in their top two, more than 8,000 ballots went to the landfill. In Alaska, thousands of voters only voted for the Republican candidates and several write-in ballots were exhausted as well—totaling nearly 15,000 ballots being thrown out.

Between these two states, more than 23,000 voters did not have their voice heard on Election Day. And to make it worse, you have no way of knowing for sure if your ballot was even counted.

Can you think of anything more un-American?

How to Protect Voters From Ranked-Choice Voting

Much like Zuckerbucks, Bidenbucks, and other election-related shenanigans, the best and easiest way for states to protect their voters is to outright ban ranked-choice voting.

Several states, including FloridaSouth DakotaTennesseeIdaho, and Montana have enacted bills that ban ranked-choice voting for all elections. Similar legislation is working its way through Texas

Fortunately, even the Left is realizing that ranked-choice voting isn’t all sunshine and roses. In deep-blue Arlington County, Virginia, losers became winners, results took days, and there was widespread uncertainty over the final counts. It got so bad, that the all-Democrat county council unanimously decided to not use this voting method in November.

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