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The Promising Pathway Act would give patients and families hope

“We don’t have time to wait… it would be nice if there was a streamlined pathway to lead to getting access to the drugs that we need—to just try to give ourselves some more hope. It would mean a lot to parents like us.”


Senator Mike Braun (IN) and Representative Mike Gallagher (WI) see the Promising Pathway Act (PPA) as commonsense bipartisan health care reform. Six-year-old Ayla Slivka’s parents see it as a sign of hope for families like theirs.

The PPA would create a priority approval process for drugs intended to treat, prevent, or diagnose serious or life-threatening diseases and health conditions. It would speed up the drug approval process to months—not years—and give hope and options for those who can’t afford to wait.

Here, Senator Braun and Representative Gallagher discuss the importance of this legislation, and the Slivka’s share their experience and what this kind of reform would mean for their daughter as she fights to beat a life-threatening a brain tumor.

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