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The Promising Pathway Act rethinks access to life-saving drugs

“[The PPA] gives our children the freedom to live. We don’t have that right now. What we have is a mess of a regulatory process that gets in the way…”

– Keith and Brooke Desserich

Keith and Brooke Desserich lost their daughter, Elena, 15 years ago to diffuse intrinsic pontine glioma (DIPG), a rare form of pediatric cancer. They launched The Cure Starts Now, an organization that helps other families battling life-threatening diseases.

They are one of many families advocating for the Promising Pathway Act (PPA)—legislation that rethinks existing expedited pathways for drugs intended to treat, prevent, or diagnose serious or life-threatening conditions.

Gavin Baumgardner, DO, Chairman of the Medical Advisory Council at The Cure Starts Now, points out that not only will the PPA provide a life-saving pathway for terminally ill patients, but it will also improve efficiency in the FDA drug approval process as well as track outcomes, results, and side effects of new drugs and biologics, which will in turn save even more lives in the future.

Learn more about the PPA here

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