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The Numbers Don’t Lie: Priorities and Public Service with Wisconsin Senate President (and CPA) Chris Kapenga

“You always have to go back to numbers. […] We don’t want to be politicians and play the short-term game; we want to be public servants and play the long-term game.”

-WI Senate PResident Chris Kapenga

In Wisconsin, Senate President Chris Kapenga knows that people are concerned with inflation, with the cost of health care, and with the rising cost of living their lives. As a Certified Public Accountant (CPA), Sen. Kapenga also sees in dollars and cents how Washington, D.C., doesn’t always have people’s best interests at heart—how bureaucrats push short-term solutions that bring about long-term problems.

Watch to learn more about Sen. Kapenga’s priorities for health care, education, and much more this legislative session, and read FGA’s Wisconsin-specific research, polling, and policy agenda by visiting our Wisconsin page.

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