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Missouri State Senator Denny Hoskins on Elections: “We have to be able to trust the process”

“Election integrity is very important, and I want to make sure that we have free and fair elections.” 

-Senator Denny Hoskins

Restoring confidence in our election processes through election reforms is necessary to earn back the trust of Missouri voters. As an elected official, Missouri State Senator Denny Hoskins recognizes that his community has elected him to make the right decisions for them, and that includes working to pass reforms that keep election fair and free.

Here, State Senator Hoskins discusses why election integrity reform is critical to restoring voter confidence in Missouri. He points out how partisan funding from outside groups and interference in the 2020 elections have led to an erosion of voters’ faith in the election process, and why it is so important that this trust be restored.

To learn more about our election integrity reforms, please click here.

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