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Missouri State Representative John Simmons: “People in Missouri want to work”

“We have a great work ethic in Missouri and the workforce development is, I think, an easy lift for us because people in Missouri want to work.”


State Representative John Simmons learned early on the value of hard work while working at a laundry mat in a nursing home just down the street from his home at just 14 years old. 

Here, he discusses workforce issues, among others, in his home state. Rep. Simmons points out how the pandemic placed a stranglehold on businesses by incentivizing workers to stay home. He notes how people in Missouri want to work, but because of inflation, a dollar doesn’t go nearly as far as it did in the past and families are feeling the effects. 

Missourians, like many others, are struggling to put food on the table as inflation affects costs at the grocery store. However, Rep. Simmons is optimistic about workforce development in the state because of the “good work ethic” of citizens in the state. 

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