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Lawrence Jones: Working Toward the American Dream

Lawrence Jones spends much of his time working as a political commentator and Fox News contributor. On any given day you may spot him on television or hear him on the radio, but his story didn’t start out quite so glamorous. Lawrence grew up in poverty and understands the barriers that exist for people who want to escape government dependency. But through hard work and personal responsibility, Lawrence believes that the American Dream—the ability to become whatever you want—is available for everyone.

Jones shares his vision for a society that embraces work in a new video recently released by the Foundation for Government Accountability.

“You’re in control of your own destiny. You’re in control of your destiny and there has to be some accountability when it comes to that,” Jones says.

In the video, Jones describes a generation of Americans that have substituted handouts for hard work—a generation that believes happiness should be granted to them without any effort of their own.

“Nothing worth having comes easy. That’s just the fact of the matter. You don’t get the American Dream without hard work,” Jones shares as he reminds us that Americans have always championed the right to pursue happiness.

Through his work in news media, Jones has the opportunity to hear from citizens across the United States. Their message is the same: folks are looking for leaders who both acknowledge the barriers that exist to upward mobility and who bring solutions to the table to help communities overcome them.

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