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Jake’s Story: A Voice for the Truly Needy

The expansion of ObamaCare has wreaked havoc on states’ budgets, created a new class of able-bodied welfare recipients, and has threatened resources for the truly needy. Too often, these needy individuals aren’t able to have a voice for themselves, and they suffer in silence as they are pushed onto Medicaid waiting lists, waiting for the care they desperately need.

Meet Jake Chalkey, a miracle child who, after beating the odds doctors stacked against him at birth time and time again, has been relegated to Medicaid waiting lists in the state of Illinois. Jake’s mother, Christine, advocated tirelessly for the care he desperately needed, but the expansion of Medicaid to able-bodied adults meant there were less resources for the truly needy like Jake. Watch as Christine and Jake share their heart-wrenching story about the often-untold, devastating impact of ObamaCare

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