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Jake’s Story: 2017 Update

In 2014, FGA introduced you to Jake Chalkey, an inspiring young man who overcame unfathomable struggles. Born with a rare disease, Jake and his family relied on Medicaid to cover the costs of the medicine he needed to survive–but when his home state expanded ObamaCare, they also cut funding for services for the truly needy. Jake’s mother Christine has relentlessly advocated for his care and the care of other truly needy individuals across the country, working to educate policymakers about the true cost of Medicaid expansion for the truly needy.

And her actions have received attention. This past summer, Vice President Mike Pence contacted the Chalkey’s to invite them to Washington D.C., where they met him and the families of other needy individuals. The Chalkey’s continue to fight for the care that Jake–and so many other adults and children–need, and all the while, Jake continues to be a voice for those who don’t have one. Watch this inspiring update on Jake and his family, and hear what is being done by Vice President Mike Pence to help the truly needy across America.

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