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Interference in Elections Undermines Voter Confidence: Harmeet Dhillon, Chairman, Republican National Lawyers Association

“I’m an immigrant to this country, and the right to vote and vote freely is one of the most cherished aspects of being a citizen of the United States.”

– Harmeet Dhillon, Chairman, Republican national lawyers Association

As an immigrant to America, Republican National Lawyers Association Chairman Harmeet Dhillon understands the importance of the right to vote and to vote freely without outside interference. That is why she believes that it is crucial to restore voter confidence ahead of the midterms through integrity and transparency in elections. 

Here, Harmeet Dhillon expresses concern with the president’s executive order directing federal agencies to expand voter registration efforts. She argues that the constitutional authority to administer elections belongs only with the states—which is why she supports FGA’s lawsuit against the Department of Justice (DOJ) to uncover the Biden administration’s plans to interfere with elections this fall.  

For more information about the lawsuit filed by FGA against DOJ, please click here.

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