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Ideas in Action: Ohio Senator Bill Coley

Ohio Senator Bill Coley knows that the best ideas are worth fighting for—even when it means taking on your own governor. So when Ohio’s governor made the unilateral decision to expand ObamaCare in the state, Senator Coley took a stand. Senator Coley knew that Medicaid expansion had come at a high cost for the citizens of Ohio—as benefits were expanded to able-bodied adults, less resources were available for the truly needy in the state. And he also knew that it was his job to represent the will of Ohioans—and Ohioans had not voted for this.

Armed with best-practices from legislators across the country, Senator Coley set out to stand up for the people of his state. His commitment to the truly needy in Ohio and his willingness to put in the hard work embodies FGA’s principles. Watch as Ohio Senator Bill Coley shares his story of why the best results come when people on both sides of the aisle come together to take on the tough issues.

At FGA, we don’t just talk about changing policy—we make it happen.

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