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Ideas in Action: Arkansas Representative Josh Miller

When Arkansas Representative Josh Miller made the decision to run for public office, it was for his community. He knew that the people of his town would benefit from having a representative who wasn’t afraid to stand up and say what needed to be said. And so when Arkansas made the decision to expand ObamaCare, Rep. Miller knew he had to speak up. As the only disabled legislator in the state, Rep. Miller used his voice to represent the truly needy across the state who were waiting for the care that able-bodied adults were now receiving.

Rep. Miller knew what would happen to the truly needy if Medicaid were expanded—as resources went to able-bodied adults, less would be available for the most vulnerable. His efforts to end the expansion of ObamaCare in Arkansas provided a map for future efforts across the nation to reverse the devastating policy. Watch how Arkansas Representative Josh Miller’s own life experiences and hard work led to responsible policy for the state’s citizens.

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