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A faster FDA drug approval process would save lives

“If there was a solution or a treatment tomorrow, we would do it. We would try anything.” 

– Tim and erin Slivka

Tim and Erin Slivka describe their daughter Ayla as an energetic, silly, fun six-year-old. Ayla is also battling a life-threatening brain tumor. 

When she grows up, Ayla says she wants to be a scientist and study space. And a new program introduced by Senator Mike Braun (IN), called the Promising Pathway Act, could help make that dream a reality.

While drug approval processes take years, individuals with conditions like Ayla’s don’t have time to wait on the Food and Drug Administration’s lengthy approval process for experimental drugs and clinical trials. Here, her parents discuss their daughter’s illness and treatment, and how having more options would change their lives—and perhaps save Ayla’s.  

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