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Election Administration Belongs to the States: Justin Riemer, Owner, Riemer Law 

“Voting needs to be convenient, and it needs to be easy, but the process needs to have integrity.” 

– Justin Riemer, Riemer Law LLC

As an experienced attorney specializing in election law and a former election administrator, Justin Riemer of Riemer Law LLC understands elections. He argues that if confidence in the integrity of elections fades, faith in American institutions will erode. A major problem that threatens election integrity is the Biden administration’s lack of transparency in releasing public records on plans to initiate “get-out-the-vote” efforts in state-based federal agencies.

Here, Jason Riemer shares his concerns over the president’s executive order requiring federal agencies to act as voter registration hubs, bringing the federal government into an area of elections in which they have no legal jurisdiction. The public has the right to know the details of these election plans—and that’s why FGA filed a lawsuit against the Department of Justice. For more information about the lawsuit filed by FGA, please visit our FGA v. DOJ page

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