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Arizona Governor Doug Ducey: Creating Opportunity for All

For Gov. Doug Ducey, there is no difference between a native Arizonian and transplant resident. There are only people—people who deserve the chance to chase their own American Dream. And Gov. Ducey is on a mission to make sure all of them have the opportunity to do just that in the state of Arizona.

In a new video released by the Foundation for Government Accountability (FGA), Gov. Ducey discusses his administration’s efforts to cut red tape and remove government-erected barriers to work.

“Seventy percent of the adults in Arizona were actually born somewhere else […] so we led with a universal recognition of occupational licenses, so that those 70 percent of people that are moving to Arizona can get to work right away,” Gov. Ducey says in the video. “If they have an operating license in good standing in another state, we’re not going to let a board or a bureaucrat get in their way.”

Work is the conduit to individuals’ ability to secure their own American Dream. Work promotes independence and self-sufficiency and Arizona is helping lead the nation when it comes to removing obstacles that keep individuals from climbing the economic ladder of success. More than 1,000 regulations have been eliminated under Gov. Ducey’s leadership, saving millions of taxpayer dollars and promoting entrepreneurship and work in every corner of the state.

“We want to make sure that we’ve got government involved with the private sector so that young people, people reentering the workforce, moms that are going back to work, or people that are coming out of prison have a catalog of different opportunities in which they can pursue whatever they want their station in life to be,” said Gov. Ducey.

Gov. Doug Ducey is a true defender of the American Dream and thanks to his support of work, Arizona is rapidly becoming one of the fastest-growing states in the nation.

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