Lisa’s Story: Fighting for Work

| Colorado

When someone has a passion and is able to use that passion to provide for themselves and their family without threatening public safety, the government should not stand in their way. But too often, it does. Meet Lisa, a Colorado Springs woman who set up a pet sitting business with an online platform that matches local sitters with people who need pet care but do not want to use a kennel. Lisa’s business was thriving—until she received notice from the Department of Agriculture telling her she was violating the law. For fear of her business, and unable to pay the legal fees or required licensing fees, Lisa closed her business.

It wasn’t until the company found bipartisan support in the Colorado House of Representatives that Lisa was able to share her story—and when she did, it helped policymakers successfully pass legislation to eliminate the barriers to work in the state. Watch Lisa’s story of fighting for her passion and her business in order to provide for herself and her family.