Juan’s Story: A Passion to Serve

| Arizona

When Juan Carlos began giving haircuts to homeless veterans in an encampment in his home state of Arizona, he didn’t think anything of it besides wanting to give back to his community while practicing for his cosmetology license. He became an integral part of the camp, befriending the vets who looked forward to his haircuts and his conversations. He gave them more than a haircut—he gave them the confidence to apply for jobs, to interview with potential employers. So when he received a letter summoning him to a hearing with the board of cosmetology, fining him for practicing without a license, he was crushed.

He wasn’t the only one—Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey caught wind of the story and intervened on Juan Carlos’ behalf. Gov. Ducey saw a hero who is making a positive difference in the community, not a criminal—and he made sure the state knew it. Watch as Juan Carlos shares his inspiring story of pursuing his passion to give back to the world while making sure others have the freedom to do the same.