The Dark Truth of Medicaid Expansion


Medicaid was designed for the truly needy—the aged, the blind, the disabled. But the expansion of ObamaCare created a new class of welfare recipients—able-bodied adults. And while these adults receive benefits, the truly needy are pushed to the back of waiting lists. Arkansas Representative Josh Miller knows how important the safety net is for the truly needy—after an accident left him disabled, he found himself receiving care he desperately needed. His experiences inform his dedication to end Medicaid expansion and preserve resources for the truly needy.

As states continue to expand ObamaCare and use funds for able-bodied adults, the most vulnerable suffer—and are told the state doesn’t have the funds to take care of them. Watch as Arkansas Representative Josh Miller tells the story of how Medicaid expansion has hurt needy Arkansans, and why it must end—for the sake of all Americans.