Stewart Whitson

Legal Affairs Fellow

At FGA our team is dedicated to developing and promoting policy that helps free people from the endless cycle of government dependency. We also leverage our expertise and nationwide partnerships to take on other critical issues to ensure our government operates the way our Founding Fathers intended. I’m proud to continue to serve our great country alongside my colleagues at FGA.

Stewart Whitson is the legal affairs fellow at the Foundation for Government Accountability (FGA), where he conducts legal research and analysis in support of FGA’s state and federal policy work.

Prior to joining FGA, Stewart served in the FBI as a Supervisory Special Agent leading a large Section in the FBI’s Directorate of Intelligence. Earlier in his career, Stewart served as the FBI’s lead investigator following the first ISIS-claimed attack upon the U.S. homeland and deployed to Iraq, Jordan, and Eastern Europe in support of other FBI investigations. Stewart served as a member of the FBI SWAT team and as an FBI-certified legal advisor for national security related matters.

Stewart is also a U.S. Army veteran, having personally led more than 300 combat missions in Iraq including a mission that led to the successful rescue of a hostage.

He earned a Juris Doctorate degree and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science from the University of Minnesota, as well as a master’s degree in Strategic Security Studies from the George Washington University. He is a licensed attorney and member of the Minnesota State Bar.

Stewart first experienced the value of work as a 10-year-old performing manual labor in the Texas summer heat for his grandfather, a retired Army Command Sergeant Major. Since Stewart’s grandfather refused to pay an hourly wage, instead paying a set price for a specific task completed to standard, Stewart learned early the impact hard work could have on income. By getting started early, working with minimal breaks and until the day ended, and always finishing a job once started, Stewart learned he could maximize his earnings while enjoying the sense of pride and dignity that comes at the end of a hard day’s work.

In his free time, Stewart coaches his kids, volunteers with the Knights of Columbus, and enjoys spending time with his wonderful wife, their five young children, and their dog Maggie. Stewart and his family reside near Washington D.C., in Great Falls, Virginia.