Food Stamp Work Requirements

Work is the best way to avoid the welfare dependency trap. But according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, most able-bodied adults on food stamps report no earned income–meaning they aren’t working at all. After work requirements were implemented at the state-level, the time able-bodied adults spent on welfare was cut in half. Those leaving welfare went back to work in more than 600 industries and doubled their incomes–leaving them better off than they were while trapped on welfare.

Work requirements not only improve the lives of those who are trapped in dependency–they help preserve precious resources for the those who need them most. Every dollar spent on able-bodied adults diverts resources from the truly needy and from other critical priorities like education, public safety, and infrastructure. It’s time to end the dependency crisis and protect the most vulnerable. It’s time for commonsense solutions. It’s time for work.

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