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How Zuckerbucks Infiltrated the Wisconsin Election

The Chan Zuckerberg Initiative donated more than $400 million to fund election administration during the recent 2020 presidential election. Most of the funds were funneled through the Center for Tech and Civic Life (CTCL), a left-leaning non-profit. Though CTCL claims to be nonpartisan, the organization has significant ties to progressive groups, including being led by a former Obama Foundation fellow.

Pitched as “COVID-19 Response Grants,” CTCL—and Mark Zuckerberg himself—has claimed that grants were given to any and all jurisdictions that requested funding. But evidence is mounting that resources were targeted to Democrat jurisdictions and may have even influenced the election outcome in several swing states.

For example, in Pennsylvania, a large majority of the counties receiving Zuckerbucks went for Biden in 2020. In fact, 92 percent of the money funneled into the Commonwealth went to counties that broke for Biden. And, in Georgia, Biden counties got nearly four times more Zuckerbucks per registered voter than Trump counties.

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