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Welfare Fraud’s Long Rap Sheet: How to protect against another wave of benefits theft

As the federal government continues to pump trillions of dollars into public assistance programs, shocking stories of fraud and waste mount. With hard-earned tax dollars being squandered on ineligible or undeserving recipients, just as millions of working Americans are feeling the squeeze, the public is beginning to ask questions. First, how did this happen?

In March of 2020, 37 million Americans were enrolled in food stamps. In just one month, six million more enrolled. Medicaid enrollment was already over 70 million before the pandemic and on an unsustainable trajectory across America thanks to ObamaCare’s Medicaid expansion to able-bodied adults. The pandemic is projected to cause a surge by up to 55 million more enrollees. This enrollment surge arrives just as state budgets face collapse. As states search for solutions, cracking down on welfare fraud is a good place to start.

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