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The ObamaCare Expansion Enrollment Explosion


Across the country, states that opted into ObamaCare’s Medicaid expansion have seen the number of able-bodied adults on welfare skyrocket beyond expectations. In fact, after just one year of ObamaCare expansion, several states have already seen more adults sign up for Medicaid welfare than they thought would ever sign up or even be eligible. Some politicians have cited these enrollment surges as signs of immense “success.”

Taxpayers might disagree, as the economic consequences are sure to be severe. The Congressional Budget Office predicts that Medicaid expansion will discourage work and shrink the economy. Recent research suggests that as many as 2.6 million able-bodied adults could drop out of the labor force as a result. But the generational burden for future taxpayers to fund this welfare enrollment explosion is now mounting at a faster-than-expected rate, which means higher costs and even more truly needy Medicaid patients put on the chopping block.


Numerous states that have adopted ObamaCare’s Medicaid expansion have seen enrollment in the welfare program far surpass initial projections. In fact, in many states, more able-bodied adults have signed up for the Medicaid expansion than officials thought would ever be eligible.

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