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Policy Brief #7 – Choice Counseling Paying Dividends

Choice Counseling Paying Dividends


Choice counseling under Florida’s Medicaid Reform Pilot is a program designed to provide Medicaid patients with the objective information they need to take control of their health future. Passed in 2005 with bipartisan support, the Medicaid Reform Pilot’s choice counseling program educates Medicaid patients about the expanding list of private plans available to them and empowers them with the confidence necessary to make informed health care decisions. The program is one of the many provisions of the Medicaid Reform Pilot that make this innovative reform truly patient centered and it succeeds in promoting active participation and facilitating greater choice and increased satisfaction among enrolled patients.

Results from Florida’s Reform Pilot show encouraging signs that choice counseling is increasing patient responsibility and empowerment. Because these objectives are necessary to drive a competitive, patient-centered Medicaid marketplace for patients and lower costs for taxpayers, choice counseling is an essential component of Florida’s Medicaid Reform Pilot that will remain invaluable as the Florida Pilot expands statewide.

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