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Welfare Reform Is Moving Mississippians Back to Work

Today, Mississippi is continuing to reap the benefits of welfare reform. The state’s economy is red hot, with 56,000 open jobs. Over the next decade, Mississippi employers are expected to create more than 137,000 job openings each year.

Unfortunately, despite the success of work requirements in Mississippi and beyond, many states are lagging behind: 33 states and the District of Columbia still waive these commonsense work requirements in some or all areas, despite a nationwide labor shortage. States have exploited loopholes and gimmicks created by the Clinton administration and widened by the Obama administration, trapping millions of able-bodied adults in dependency and robbing them of better lives.

Mississippi’s experience proves that commonsense welfare reform can help boost the economy, provide new workers for businesses that desperately need them, free up limited resources for the truly needy, and create new taxpayers. Other states should learn from this success and roll back these waivers altogether while the Trump administration works on closing the loopholes, putting future generations on the path to prosperity.

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