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Empowering Independent Contractors: Why Americans Need the Freedom to Work for Themselves

Independent contractors are a critical part of the American economy. Also known as freelance workers or independent entrepreneurs, independent contractors typically have more flexibility than traditional employees. They can choose when and where they work, who they work for, and how much they charge for their work. These workers are able to freelance (or contract) with multiple clients rather than being tied down in a traditional employer-employee relationship.

Freelancers are comprised of rural and urban workers, disabled and able-bodied workers, single and stay-at-home parents, seniors, and retirees. They can be found in nearly all industries and professions including as doctors, graphic designers, construction workers, home health care providers, and farmers, among others.

Both large and small businesses are embracing the freelancing economy because it allows them to find outside perspectives and expertise, not just those in nearby communities.

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