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Voters Support Freezing Medicaid Expansion

New poll finds voters oppose ObamaCare’s Medicaid expansion

Naples, FL – Voters oppose ObamaCare’s Medicaid expansion and support rolling it back, according to results from a poll released today by the Foundation for Government Accountability (FGA). It found that a majority of voters support freezing enrollment in order to unwind expansion and protect the truly needy.

The poll concluded that a majority of voters oppose ObamaCare’s expansion of Medicaid to able-bodied adults. More than twice as many able-bodied adults have enrolled in Medicaid expansion than states ever expected to sign up, resulting in a fiscal crisis that has crowded out resources for the truly needy and critical public services.

Voters support freezing enrollment as a solution to the failed Medicaid expansion. An enrollment freeze would prevent new able-bodied adults from being added to the Medicaid rolls while maintaining coverage for individuals already receiving benefits. Freezing enrollment would immediately begin to free limited resources for the truly needy, education, public safety, and infrastructure.

“The expansion of ObamaCare to able-bodied adults has put the truly needy at risk and has cost taxpayers billions of dollars. The results of this poll reinforce the harm that Medicaid expansion has had—and that voters want change. An enrollment freeze has the potential to save taxpayers at least $500 billion within ten years, preserving funds for education, public safety, infrastructure, and the most vulnerable,” said Tarren Bragdon, President and CEO of FGA. “Commonsense solutions to roll back the harmful effects of ObamaCare are supported by voters, and policymakers would be wise to heed their constituents.”

The full results of the poll can be viewed here.

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