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The Arkansas LEARNS Act Will Improve Lives Despite Unnecessary Delay

Stehle: “This frivolous lawsuit puts an unnecessary speed bump on the road to a better future for Arkansas under the LEARNS Act.”

NAPLES, FL — Today, the Foundation for Government Accountability (FGA) responded to the temporary restraining order placed on the Arkansas LEARNS Act by Pulaski County Circuit Judge Herbert Wright. The order delays the implementation of the LEARNS Act until after a hearing scheduled for June 20. Nick Stehle, vice president of communications for FGA, released the following statement:  

“Any time you challenge the failing status quo with bold change, you can expect resistance. This frivolous lawsuit puts an unnecessary speed bump on the road to a better future for Arkansas kids under the LEARNS Act, but it will not delay the inevitable,” said Nick Stehle, native Arkansan, and vice president of communications at FGA. “We are confident the law will stand and the LEARNS Act will be in effect before the next school year—delivering higher pay for teachers, better opportunities for students, and more influence for parents.”

“As I said when Governor Sanders signed the law, battles worth fighting are rarely easy and the leaders willing to fight them are even more uncommon. Governor Sanders will see this through, and Arkansas students, families, and schools will be better because of her willingness to take on the biggest issues we face as a state,” said Stehle. 


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