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unemployment bonus

New FGA Research Finds Americans That Stay Home Could Collect $3,700 Per Month in Cash Benefits

Naples, FL — New research from the Foundation for Government Accountability (FGA) finds that the $300 weekly unemployment bonus and other welfare expansions have made staying home more lucrative than work for many Americans. 

The report, titled “Paid to Stay Home: How the $300 weekly unemployment bonus and other benefits are stifling the economic recovery,” notes that a full-time worker would need to earn more than $21 per hour—nearly three times the minimum wage—to match the boosted benefits.

To date, 22 states have opted out of the federal unemployment bonus, bolstering the labor force and revitalizing the economy.

“This report solidifies what many already know to be true. While the $300 bonus is in play, individuals will collect more in unemployment and other welfare benefits than they were previously earning on the job,” said Jonathan Ingram, paper author and Vice President of Policy and Research. “All other governors should join the 22 states who have opted out of this harmful provision holding back the American economy.”


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