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Representative Ted Budd Leads Congressional Effort Calling for Investigation of Biden’s Order to ‘Promote Voter Registration’

Naples, FL—House Republicans requested documents and information regarding the scope and legality of Executive Order 14019 “Promoting Access to Voting” in a letter to the Biden administration on Wednesday, January 19.  

North Carolina Representative Ted Budd was joined by 35 other members of Congress who questioned the need for all 600 federal agencies to submit a plan to Director of the United States Domestic Policy Council Susan Rice outlining strategies to register voters and encourage their participation. The letter exposes the similarity of President Biden’s request to the federal election takeover strategy created by Demos, a radical left-leaning group.

The plan created in December of 2020 calls for nationalizing elections and weaponizing the Department of Justice to oppose state efforts to manage their own elections. K. Sabeel Rahman, former president of Demos, now serves as senior counselor for the Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs, and Chiraag Bains, former director of legal strategies at Demos, now reports directly to Susan Rice.  

“Rep. Budd recognized that Biden’s order empowering all federal agencies to engage in electioneering raises serious ethical, legal, and constitutional concerns. While Democrats in Congress continue to fail in their attempts to pass election legislation, it appears as though the Biden administration is using federal government resources and American taxpayer dollars to undermine state laws and federalize elections,” said Chase Martin, Legal Affairs Director at FGA. “President Biden’s order to agencies raises serious questions about possible federal plans to weaponize DOJ and require federal agencies to participate in electioneering activities. Congressional inquiry comes at a time of great division over election reforms, and their questions deserve a prompt and thorough response by the Biden administration.” 

President Biden and Vice President Harris failed to pressure Democrat senators to eliminate the filibuster to pass two highly partisan election bills. Vice President Harris recently explained that the administration will rely on EO 14019 to pass their election reform agenda. 


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