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Representative Ralph Norman Leads Congressional Letter Calling out DOJ Lack of Transparency on Voter Registration Executive Order

Naples, FL Today, Rep. Ralph Norman (R-SC) was joined by eight of his congressional colleagues in sending a follow-up letter to the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) expressing concern over the lack of transparency on its implementation of President Biden’s Executive Order 14019 and calling on DOJ to release its final plan before the midterm elections.

This executive order commanded every federal agency to submit to Susan Rice, the Domestic Policy Advisor, its plans to “promote voter registration and voter participation.” The Foundation for Government Accountability (FGA) sued DOJ after the department repeatedly dodged Freedom of Information Act requests, and a federal judge ordered DOJ to disclose all relevant documents. Instead of handing over a copy of the final strategic plan, citing deliberative process privilege and presidential communications privilege (neither of which apply to this situation), the department released several heavily redacted documents.

Rep. Norman and his colleagues write:

“Why is DOJ attempting to hide from the public its plan to promote voter registration and voter participation? What possible reason could there be to keep this plan a secret? If the plan is fair and non-partisan, why would you not share it with the American people?

“American voters have a right to see this plan. Attempting to conceal this plan from the public is not only contrary to federal law, but is deeply concerning and damaging to the public’s already dwindling confidence in your department.”

In response to the congressional letter, FGA’s Senior Director of Federal Affairs, Robin Walker said, “Rep. Norman and his colleagues are asking vital questions that every American deserves answers to—and before Election Day. We applaud their efforts to hold DOJ accountable and expose the lack of transparency surrounding the president’s plan to influence elections.”

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