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Rep. Beaullieu’s Bill Protects Louisiana from Unemployment Fraud

Naples, FL—In October 2020, the Louisiana State Legislature unanimously passed Rep. Beau Beaullieu’s House Bill 66 (HB 66) during a special legislative session. One of the first comprehensive anti-fraud legislation in the nation introduced on the house floor, HB 66 was filed by Rep. Beaullieu to improve Louisiana’s unemployment program integrity.

HB 66 requires the Louisiana Workforce Commission to conduct certain checks and data sharing in respect to unemployment compensation. The bill incorporated federally recommended reforms and was supported by the Louisiana Workforce Commission who worked with the state legislature to pass this critical integrity bill. Since its passage, eight states have followed Louisiana’s example and passed similar bills that aim to prevent unemployment insurance fraud.

“Louisiana has become a national leader for unemployment program integrity. By working with the Louisiana Workforce Commission, we were able to gain perspective and implement effective strategies that ensured every Louisianan was protected against the effects of unemployment fraud,” said Rep. Beaullieu, who represents Louisiana’s 48th District. “I am proud to have sponsored this bipartisan bill that will enhance the integrity of our state’s unemployment insurance program and cut down on waste, fraud, and abuse.”


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