Think Tank Reacts to Judge’s Ruling to Block Drug-Testing for Welfare Cash


Below is a statement by Foundation for Government Accountability President and Chief Executive Officer Tarren Bragdon reacting to a ruling by federal Judge Mary Scriven to temporarily block the state’s drug-testing requirement to receive welfare cash assistance.

“Judge Scriven’s ruling against Florida’s drug-testing requirement for taxpayer-funded welfare cash is disappointing, and removes needed accountability from our welfare system. Our analysis of the law shows that the requirement is saving the state millions in welfare benefits, and helps ensure taxpayer dollars are reserved only for the truly needy.”

“The Foundation for Government Accountability rejects the notion that setting parameters around the distribution of welfare cash is unconstitutional. This law does not require universal drug testing. Rather, it places the reasonable requirement of sobriety on those who wish to benefit from taxpayers’ generosity. I urge Governor Scott and Attorney General Bondi to fight this decision, and to explore even more ways to improve accountability for welfare cash.”