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Prospective College Students Deserve to Have Real Facts Up Front

Naples, FL—Today, the Foundation for Government Accountability (FGA) published a paper highlighting how requiring that publicly funded colleges and universities disclose student completion rates, average incomes by degree received, and average student debt will give students the tools to make informed decisions that work best for their situation. When students understand the likely outcomes from a specific degree or trade, they are better empowered to make a decision. 

Many students today lack enough information to make a truly informed decision about attending college or know what career pathways exist outside of a four-year degree. Without the proper information, students can be pushed into attending college and accumulating student debt even though alternatives may better fit their individual circumstances, talents, and the current job market. 

“A college degree is not always a golden ticket to a good job and financial success,” said Trevor Carlsen, the author of the paper and a senior research fellow at FGA. “Prospective students deserve to know the facts upfront before they take on the burden of paying for college.” 

Some states like Florida and Arkansas have led on this issue, but many states still do not require this information be made available. These states are leaving students in the dark. FGA supports students and their right to have this information, which will improve outcomes for students and create a stronger economy for the United States. 


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