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Center for Excellence in Polling Finds Majority of Voters Oppose the Federalization of the Voter Registration Process

Naples, FL—Recent polling conducted by the Center for Excellence in Polling found that 58 percent of all voters are more likely to oppose removing state control over the voter registration processes and giving it to the federal government. The Center for Excellence in Polling is a project of the Foundation for Government Accountability (FGA).

“Research from the Center for Excellence in Polling clearly shows that removing state control from the regulation of election processes such as voter registration is unpopular among a bipartisan coalition of voters. Policymakers should keep this in mind when passing legislation related to election reform,” said Nick Stehle, Vice President of Communications at FGA. “The Center for Excellence in Polling continues to inform policymakers on the opinions and concerns that voters have regarding critical public policy issues so that they can pass legislation that best serves the interest of the people they were elected to represent.”


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