Poll: Arkansas Voters Support Winding Down the ObamaCare ‘Private Option’ Disaster



November 20, 2014


Charles Siler, Media Relations Director

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Poll: Arkansas Voters Support Winding Down the ObamaCare ‘Private Option’ Disaster
Voters support winding down ObamaCare expansion

The recent election results in Arkansas have made one thing clear: taxpayers want nothing to do with President Obama’s health care takeover. Now, in a new poll released today, an overwhelming majority of Arkansans want lawmakers to wind down the ObamaCare expansion in a thoughtful way that protects patients and taxpayers.

The poll, published today by the Foundation for Government Accountability (FGA), surveyed 650 Arkansans who voted in the November 4th general election. When asked how to roll back the ObamaCare Private Option, 83% of those polled said they support freezing enrollment in the program; a staggering 64% support freezing enrollment and implementing a definite end date for the program.

The Private Option – which gives taxpayer-funded welfare to able-bodied, childless adults – has failed to deliver on the promises its cheerleaders have made. It has prioritized able-bodied adults over the truly needy in the Medicaid program and has been over budget every single month since it launched in January, putting Arkansas taxpayers at risk of owing millions in paybacks to Washington. Taxpayers are ready to roll back the disaster before things get even worse.

If policy failures and electoral disasters aren’t enough to convince the Arkansas legislature to act, FGA CEO Tarren Bragdon is hoping the new poll will:

“How much more evidence does the legislature need before it rolls back this Private Option Medicaid expansion? Voters sent a clear message in November when they elected Asa Hutchinson, Tom Cotton and the largest Republican legislative majority in modern history. They’re counting on their elected officials to undo ObamaCare in all its forms and at all levels of government.

The question now is, ‘How will Arkansas roll back its ObamaCare disaster?’ Arkansas is the only Southern state to have embraced ObamaCare expansion. Now, voters want their elected officials to make Arkansas the first state to escape ObamaCare expansion once and for all.”

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