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Ohio Audit Confirms the Need for Welfare Reform

Last week, Ohio Auditor of State Dave Yost testified to the House Committee on Agriculture regarding a recent audit of the states’ EBT card system. The audit concluded that there is likely millions of dollars of fraud occurring in the system on an annual basis.

Key findings include:

  • 36 deceased individuals received benefits for more than one year after their death
  • 1,862 deceased individuals received benefits during the examination period
  • 1,337 recipients had balances on their cards of more than $2,300, including one with a balance greater than $20,000
  • 183,000 even dollar transactions ending in exactly $100 or more and no cents
  • A recipient that used their card to make six purchases of exactly $1,555 within one hour
  • $28.7 million spent outside Ohio



To read Auditor Yost’s testimony in full, click here. For more information on welfare reform and how you can join the effort to combat welfare fraud, click here.


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