New Video Shows the Power of Work in Kentucky


Naples, FL — A new video, released today by the Foundation for Government Accountability (FGA), highlights Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin’s commitment to policies that promote self-sufficiency and empower citizens to create their American Dream.

Since he first took office, Gov. Bevin has fought for welfare reforms that emphasize the power and dignity of work. His administration is implementing commonsense  reforms that require able-bodied adults on food stamps and Medicaid to work, train, or volunteer.

When Kentucky expanded ObamaCare to able-bodied adults under the leadership of the former governor, more than 480,000 able-bodied adults were added to the state’s welfare rolls, creating a new class of welfare recipients, threatening resources for the truly needy, and “robbing people of the opportunity to do better for themselves.”

“We talk so much about the American Dream, but so many of our entitlement programs have become dead ends. These entitlement programs were not intended to be a destination, they were intended to be a weigh-station on the way to that American Dream,” said Bevin.

FGA applauds Gov. Bevin’s efforts to promote policies that promote the dignity of work and provide a path for people to help lift themselves out of dependency.

The full video can be viewed here.

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