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New Video Highlights the Value of Work in Nebraska

Naples, FL – A new video, released today by the Foundation for Government Accountability, highlights the importance of work and eliminating red tape in increasing economic opportunity and reducing government dependency.

The video features programs enacted by Nebraska Governor Pete Ricketts, which have helped the state experience its lowest unemployment rate in two decades and moved thousands of Nebraskans from welfare to work.

Under Rickett’s leadership, Nebraska has tackled occupational licensing laws that act as barriers to employment and has instituted a pilot program to move able-bodied adults on welfare back into the workforce. By focusing on reemployment rather than unemployment, the Ricketts administration is prioritizing work and reducing dependency throughout the state.

FGA applauds Gov. Rickett’s commitment to reduce dependency and empower Nebraskans through work.

“Oftentimes we have well-intentioned programs in government that actually create barriers to people getting to work, and what we want to do in state government is make sure we’re removing those barriers and helping people get that next job,” said Ricketts.

The full video can be viewed here.

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