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Medicaid expansion

New Report Uncovers Massive Over-Enrollment and Cost Overruns in ObamaCare Expansion

Naples, FL – A new report released today by the Foundation for Government Accountability (FGA) highlights a massive enrollment and spending surge in ObamaCare expansion and the damage it could produce in non-expansion states, should additional states choose to expand. According to the report, increased enrollment and spending on able-bodied adults has threatened resources for the truly needy and other critical public services.

The paper, authored by Research Director Nicholas Horton and FGA Vice President of Research Jonathan Ingram, emphasizes the need for expansion states to roll back ObamaCare expansion through work requirements and enrollment freezes.

The report found that:

  • On average, states that expanded ObamaCare have enrolled more than twice as many able-bodied adults as expected
  • If the remaining non-expansion states decide to expand ObamaCare, at least 11.4 million able-bodied adults would be added to welfare, costing taxpayers more than $675 billion

“ObamaCare expansion has trapped millions of able-bodied adults in welfare, wasted billions of taxpayer dollars, and put the truly needy at risk. States that have rejected expansion should be proud—they have saved themselves from this nightmare,” said Horton. “But states that did expand ObamaCare have some work to do. They need pursue commonsense solutions to unwind this failed program, like work requirements and enrollment freezes, while Congress should immediately stop new expansions in order to reduce dependency and prioritize the truly needy.”

The full report can be found here.

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