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welfare reform

New Report Shows It’s Time to Move Americans from Welfare to Work

Naples, FL –  A new report released today by the Foundation for Government Accountability (FGA) highlights the economic urgency for federal welfare reform and the unprecedented opportunity to lift millions of Americans from dependency with commonsense work requirements.

Despite record low unemployment, record high job openings nationwide, and steadily-increasing wages, there are record numbers of able-bodied adults dependent on food stamps and Medicaid.

With 14 states recording their lowest unemployment numbers in history, there is no reason for tens of millions of able-bodied adults to still be exempt from work requirements. With employers desperate for workers, reforms that move able-bodied adults from welfare to work would help grow the economy and allow individuals to reenter the workforce and escape welfare dependency.

“By expanding work requirements to all able-bodied adults, we can grow the economy, fill open jobs, and lift millions of people from welfare dependency,” said FGA Senior Fellow Sam Adolphsen, who authored the paper. “There has never been a greater need to get people off welfare and back into the workforce, and there’s never been a better opportunity for able-bodied Americans to find good jobs that provide independence for workers and their families.”

The full paper can be viewed here.


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