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Parent Work Requirements

New Report Calls for Work Requirements for Able-Bodied Parents on Food Stamps

Naples, FL – A new report released today by the Foundation for Government Accountability (FGA) finds that able-bodied parents on food stamps are not working and are trapped in dependency. The report calls on Congress to expand existing work requirements to all able-bodied adults, including parents.

Able-bodied parents on food stamps are currently exempt from commonsense work requirements, keeping them trapped in welfare. Work requirements are a proven, efficient way to not only reduce caseloads but also increase incomes and help end the cycle of dependency.

The report, authored by FGA’s Vice President of Research Jonathan Ingram, Research Director Nic Horton, and Senior Fellow Sam Adolphsen, found that this exemption, coupled with growing welfare enrollment, has led to fewer resources available for the truly needy and heightened taxpayer spending.

The report found that:

  • Fifty-two percent of able-bodied parents on food stamps do not work at all
  • Dependency on food stamps has reached record highs, surpassing 12 million able-bodied parents
  • Work requirements should be expanded to able-bodied parents in food stamps

According to the report, if Congress were to implement reform, taxpayers could save up to $12 billion per year and up to seven million adults could be freed from welfare dependency.

“The best way to free able-bodied adults from the dependency trap is to get them back to work,” said Ingram. “Congress should expand work requirements to parents on food stamps, moving millions from welfare to work, and helping to break the cycle of dependency.”

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